Beauty by Gigy

Making Women Look As Beautiful As They Are!


Giselle was born in Cuba and moved to the US at the age of 6. After a reasonably treacherous boat trip to the US, “Gigy” moved in with her aunt and uncle in Orlando where she spent her teenage years. From the time she hit her teens, Gigy was fascinated with beauty and fashion.

As a Cuban woman, she knew the cultural importance of looking the best you can all of the time. She knew that looking beautiful and feeling beautiful was very important to a Latino’s woman’s confidence and how she carried herself.

As she got older, Gigy’s love for hair and make-up served her well as she spent several years working as a server in some of M
iami’s hottest clubs. For this she needed to look her very best every night so hair and make-up moved from hobby to necessity very quickly! As she worked in the Miami club scene, Gigy had no idea that her passion for beauty was going to take another step forward in her life.

Even while working at the clubs, Gigy started doing hair for friends and family. She was regularly doing her Mom’s hair along with her sister’s and her grandmother’s. She also started doing friends and co-workers hair. It seemed she had a natural flair for doing hair!

Not much later, Gigy began to grow tired of the late nights of the night club scene and starting thinking about a career change. The fact that she is blessed with two beautiful young children who she wanted to spend more time with …time that her old job would not allow for… spurred her decision. It was time for a change!

It took Gigy all of about two seconds to decide what her new career would be…cosmetology! She immediately enrolled in La Belle Beauty School and was a very enthusiastic student. Although she’ll never admit it, Gigy was the best in her class. She often stayed around late to help some of her fellow students. This, combined with her outgoing personality quickly made her very popular with her fellow classmates and teachers alike. You will undoubtedly see her glowing personality the instant you meet her!

Gigy’s love and passion for beauty inspired her to go much deeper into the beauty field than hair dresser. Gigy has taken additional classes and has received certifications in several fields of beauty including skin care, weight loss, and even internal body cleansing techniques!

Besides all of her skills, beyond all of her licenses and certifications, the thing that makes Gigy so special is something that can’t be learned or acquired……..true and honest caring. Gigy actually cares about how her customers look and feel. Gigy takes pride in every one of her customer’s appearance! So, whatever type of beauty services you need, Gigy is the best cosmetologist for you!



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